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2018 Business Meeting Minutes

May 2018 NESCRS Business Meeting

Agenda Minutes

Attendees:  Dr. Marcella Bradway, Dr. Larry Rusin, Dr. Angela Kuhnan, Dr. Steven Schechter, Dr. Jason Hall, Dr. Tim Counihan, Dr. Krista Evans, Dr. Scott Thorton, Dr. Jesse Moore, Dr. Lauren Wilson, Dr. Matt Wilson, Dr. Robert Lewis, Dr. Julia Saraidaridis, Ms. Tina Blais-Armell, Ms. Diane Richer

  1. Membership

Board voted and passed all four new members and associate members.

New:  Lauren Wilson, Matt Wilson, Robert Lewis, Julia Saraidaridis

Associate:  Jessica Henkin, Jennifer Walker, Bridget Mello, Maura Carney, Christina Hanzis

  1. Rectal Prolapse Function Study

Louisiana will be home base.

Board voted and passed At-Large Members to spearhead study.  Jason Hall will provide information on institution emails.  Each project will have a head at each institution that will keep officers/members up-to-date with institutions submitting weekly cases for member approval.

  1. Meeting Dates and Locations

2019:  Mt. Washington, NH.  Contract signed and deposit made.  Second deposit in January 2019

2020:  Proposed:  Stage Neck Inn, ME – Contact late 2018 for possible meeting space

2021:  MA?  Wentworth by the Sea?  Cranwell Resort?  Primway Valley?  Boston?  (See #7 – CME Credit for further information.)

  1. By-Laws Change

Board voted and passed the 2 year term to a 3 year term for Member-at-Large that will take effect next year.

Tim Counihan will circulate written change.  Next meeting would decide change in by-laws, website creation/maintenance by pass/fail.  Board voted and passed.

  1. Vendors

Great response.  Vendors found new format with 2 minute presentation helpful and more vendor friendly versus sporadic visits.  Board approved maintaining new format with 2-5 minutes being given (depending on vendor support numbers where a second presentation could be added before breakfast).

  1. NESCRS Website

Board voted and passed to leave 123 Triad after contract is up in 2 years (already paid).

Jesse Moore suggested other At-Large Member to be point person.  Jason Hall recommended a Social Media Committee to be formed.  Board voted to discuss more at next meeting when additional information will be available (hire website creator/maintenance individual or web group – with price being a factor).  Can the society create a link on national society’s websites?  Northwest Society website could be a great example to follow: http://www.nwscrs.org/.

  1. CME Credit

CME credits due to cost/time factors (brutal, taxing and not worth 3-4 credits) was discussed.
Board voted and passed to do away with CME credit and MA can now be considered for location.
Mock orals are very important, helpful and increases pass percentages.  Board voted and passed to maintain.

  1. Financial Report

In Gino Trevisani’s absence Steven Schechter and Tina Blais-Armell presented the balance sheet.

Beginning balance as of January 1, 2017                                                        $23,918.67
Income received (dues, interest, CC sales, etc.)                                             $31,097.92
                          TOTAL                                                                                    $55,016.59
Expenses (supplies, website, conference rooms/space, CME
             application fee, podium awards, etc.)                                                                      -$27,997.74
Balance as of December 31, 2017                                                                    $27,018.85

Board voted and passed to maintain current amount of $1,000.00 into “rainy day fund.”

  1. Survey of Colorectal Surgeons: Outcome unavailable at time of submitting.
  1. Meeting adjourned

Respectfully submitted

Diane Richer