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baseball open stance vs closed stance

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This stance is not used as much as it was back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Notice how the front foot is aligned with the back portion of home plate where the plate begins to angle towards the catcher. A closed batting stance is when your front foot is closer to the plate than your back foot – making you closed to the pitcher. From your stance, you move into your load position, and then you decide whether or not to swing the bat before following through on either decision. It helped a coach win his 11 yr old state baseball championship. Once you do this hold the bat and place it over the plate. We like this model because it doesn't cost YOU anything extra at all, and it allows us to keep offering much of our content for FREE. Closed Stance. The front knee should be turned in slightly towards the back knee as they pinch together while our weight should be evenly distributed on both legs. Your upper body is already closed off and your bat has to go a little further to get to an inside pitch because it has to get around your body. With this stance your feet will still be either side of the shooting line, however, they won’t be completely parallel. There are three diferent terms that describe the batting. From here, you would like to get to square but if your front foot slides back from the plate then you have momentum starting to spin away from the pitcher. It helped our HS team break the school record for wins and win its first Division Title in school history in Softball. in football when someone wants to unleash and bending biting free kick doesn't he turn his hips or does he hit it from an open stance? Even though this is considered the "modern" way to shoot the basketball, watch the stance of Larry Bird and Michael Jordan...it's open. Beginners should start with this one. It also just feels more natural. Batting stance (before pitch) … The second stance, and also a very popular one with Major League hitters, is the closed stance. Open Batting Stance. Great instructional information right here. Totally made in the USA and a portion of every sale goes to Autism Foundations. share. Currently Doug is the Data and Game Planning Coordinator with the Colorado Rockies, Sign up for the 5 Point Power Booster videos here Get the free videos, Wow absolutely great article. Grip Strength; Grip Types (Overlap, Interlock and Baseball) Long vs Short Left Thumb Grip; Palm-and-Finger Grip vs All-Fingers Grip; Weight Distribution. When the bat travels through the strike zone, I am consistently hitting the ball at the trademark or just under it (regardless of what size bat I use).I may have already answered my question but what do you think? My experience with open\closed stance is similar to Eric: open stance push ball right. Sports Division Elia Partners, LLC Dublin, OH 43017 614-264-0412. We hope to keep all or most of the info on PBI free so that everyone can have access to it. Also, not every product pays us a commission, but if we like it, we still recommend it. It is important to know the difference between a hitters “stance” and their swing. Then they can look to their strength which is to pull the baseball. Some of hte best to ever play from a more open stance include Lee Trevino, Fred Couples, and Jack Nicklalus to name a few. 7. It's not perfect., but I tend to come across the ball a bit (not much) so a closed stance would help me neutralize that path. Remember hitting starts from the ground up so the legs and hip are extremly important to hitting a baseball. The success of any baseball or softball hitter starts with the proper batting stance. This is the basic starting point for the batting stance and depending on how the pitcher is throwing will determine if you should move up or move back in the batter's box. Open Stance vs. Closed Stance. This is a problem that some hitters have especially when a right handed hitter is facing a right handed pitcher and a left handed hitter is facing a left handed pitcher. I know the biggest leap I made in becoming a better hitter was adjusting my personal stance and stride. Also I've been told if you have a closed batting stance you're a lot less likely to pull the ball but that's all I ever do. This thread is archived. Closed Stance Vs Open Stance Baseball sites: Closed Stance Vs Open Stance Baseball search in title. Bat speed is king when it comes to hitting and most strong hitters don’t go any longer than a 34 inch bat. Grip Strength; Grip Types (Overlap, Interlock and Baseball) Long vs Short Left Thumb Grip; Palm-and-Finger Grip vs All-Fingers Grip; Weight Distribution. Archived. The open stance involves a shift in foot placement to the more common square stance. June 27, 2019 admin Uncategorized 0. In the square stance (which is the more typical stance), both feet are equal distance from home plate, or close to equal. Pay attention to problems that you may have at the plate and make adjustments to make your swing more efficient. Weight Across your Feet; Weight Inside your Feet; Club Shaft. Doug I think you did a phenomenal job of touching the key points to different stances. This page and the illustrations provided will give you a step by step approach to the proper hitting techniques and is designed to show you how to approach a particular batting stance. If you really dive into it all you will see plenty of all time greats that play from an open or closed stance. Now in more than 32 states in the US and in Japan and Canada. Notice how the toes in both stances are not aligned one leg is out the other is in. Which one is the best? Loving the info on this website, you have done great job on the posts. Weight Across your Feet; Weight Inside your Feet; Club Shaft. u/nerdtopia. The Open Stance. I'm a huge power hitter and I have a closed stance. I hope this article on the different batting stances has been helpful for you in finding YOUR best batting stance. No one would question you if you went up to the plate stood on your head and managed to get a hit with that particular approach, although it's highly unlikely. Over the following games, the new stance didn't just stick, it exaggerated. So I know it seems a little backwards but give it a try, it may help. Click here to read more, FREE baseball tips and instruction, exclusively from the pros, Hitting Tips to Improve your Baseball Swing, Best batting stance – Comparing open, square, and closed batting stance, How to Steal Bases in Baseball | 4 Tips for advancing on wild pitches, passed balls and balls in the dirt, How Steph Curry built a monster | Pro Tips for Becoming a Top Athlete, How to field a backhand ground ball | Baseball Fielding Drills, How to Deal With Failing in Baseball – From JV to Professional Baseball, Off season baseball workouts for youth (AT HOME) Covid Edition, Mookie Betts just made base running cool again — [Plus 3 common base running mistakes to avoid], Baseball tips: What should I be doing during off season? The first thing to do when you see an open stance is to find out if it's really a closed position in disguise and the batsman is stepping to the off side even though he starts from an open position. When a batter’s front foot is parallel with the back foot to home plate, this is a square-up stance (see figures 4 & 5 at right). It should be easy to see the pitcher with both eyes. Usually if you start in the open position you won't open the batting stance further from the plate when the pitch is thrown, instead the idea here is that the batter will bring his front foot towards the plate when swinging. You should be able to touch the outside corner with the barrel of the bat. I was just curious about your thoughts and views of open vs closed stances. Shaft Lean; Shaft Length; Swing. Stance Width; Stance Alignment; Clubface. We promise not to ever let commission or anything else sway us from giving a 100% honest reviews of baseball gear. Thanks This one is second most common, and is usually from a result of having some problems with the square stance. Proper Batting Stance for Baseball Players. After 16 years of playing professionally, Doug retired and took a position as a Major League scout with the Colorado Rockies for 2 years. We want to explode our hips towards the pitcher. © Elia & Partners, LLC 2008 -var time=new Date();var year=time.getYear();if((navigator.appName=="Microsoft Internet Explorer")&&(year<2000))year="19"+year;if(navigator.appName=="Netscape")year=1900+year;document.write(year+"");All Rights Reserved. There are, of course, more stances besides open and neutral stance (like closed and semi-open), but these two happen most of the time. Billy, You are using some pretty large bats. That is something you need to play with and feel comfortable with. google_ad_client="pub-4520119733373775";google_ad_width=336;google_ad_height=280. 8 months ago. When the batter’s front foot is closer to home plate than the back foot, it is considered a closed stance. Worth a checkout – http://www.striderightmats.com. This video covers the open stance forehands vs the closed stance forehands. best. A player's ability to develop both an open and closed stance begins with footwork. What are the merits of each stance and in which situations should you choose one over the other? An extra couple miles per hour on your bat speed may help get the barrel to the baseball a little more consistently. With users adjusting their feet, legs, and hips so that they’re facing the target more. 3 comments. Watching a baseball game, you’ll likely see 18 different batting stances. If you start them low, they can only move up. Againg this adds an extra step in the process. Open stance vs Closed stance. This makes it tough to stay square through the baseball. To determine how far away from the plate you should be, start at the plate and put one foot behind the other (heel to toe). A golfer’s stance refers to the position of his feet in relation to one another and to the ball, before the beginning of a swing. We will show you what we feel has been a success for the majority of the hitters and these check points can possibly make you a better hitter if you apply them to a regular routine. Next for the normal or balanced batting stance we want to set our stride mark and align our toes When starting out you can use a 2x4 or simply draw a line in the sand to replace the board. A little trick, if you have a square stance and are striding towards home plate try starting with a closed stance. A closed stance also fixes the coming over the top a bit. I have a square stance and use various size bats ( usually 35″, 34″ and 33s and sometimes 36″… The league has decent pitching with players throwing in the high 60s to low 70s… With this stance, which I have used since high school, I find myself now stepping not towards the pitcher but into the plate. Does a baseball pitcher not turn his hips and shoulders to a near 90 degrees to his opponent when throwing a baseball? Just looking for opinions. The open stance shown on the left is good if you find yourself stepping in the "bucket" when a pitch is thrown. Help us keep it free. It's all about comfort. The answer is totally up to you, because the main object of batting is to hit the ball and be relaxed doing it. For more on batting stances and drills please refer to the following page The Batting Stance. That would be the only adjustment in the batting stance when choosing the normal approach. This way I know what to expect from my opponent and I … If so, I hope you’ll share it through Facebook, Twitter and other social media to help us spread the word about all the great free info on this site. … When the best baseball and softball hitters get to their Launch Position, the distance between their feet is approximately 50-60% of their height. This issue is very much an individual comfort thing, especially when dealing with how upright you stand or how low you squat. In this section I will talk about the open, closed, and square batting stances, including what the advantages and disadvantages are of each one. But regardless of the vast variety of quirks, you will find that all hitters stances fall into one of these three categories: (1) Open (2) square, or (3) closed. We tried and tried to fix it but we couldn't stop it, so we tried a open stance just this last week so he would just be stepping into the load vs striding forward. Play hard! I have just started playing the game again. Specifically, I'm thinking about what types of strikes would be good from each stance. Most people go to this stance because they are having trouble handling the pitch away and hitting the ball the other way. Clubface Angle (Square, Open, or Closed; Grip. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . Stance Width; Stance Alignment; Clubface. The bucket refers to the outside line of the batter's box. I don't really care what a hitters stance is as long as he gets squared away before he swings. Two golfers that come to mind that played from a closed stance include Sam Snead and Arnold Palmer. This is where all good hitters want to be at contact, so if you can start here it makes your stride and swing less complicated.

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