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wagyu embryos for sale

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Shipping of embryos and semen is the responsibility of the purchaser. Sumo Cattle Co Michifuku L195. Give us a call if you have any questions. Wagyu Exchange - Wagyu for Sale or Trade - Embryos. Bred Fullblood Cows starting at $4,500 and up. We maintain an embryo inventory both on the farm as well as at Trans Ova. Donor: GAR Predestined 2538 2 embryos by GAR Sunrise – $200.00 ea. Contact us for more details. (406) 273-9139 . Contacts. Producing carcasses of the highest quality, characterized by an abundance of very fine marbling, extremely soft fat with a low temperature melting point. Okutani embryos from WSI Tai Ms Ito (TF 151 +$200 SRI Okutani donor) sired by Kanadagene sold for $23,000 per embryo for four embryos to buyer Mayura Station. The sire of these female sexed embryos is none other that SOR Big Al who is our 2100 lbs. Our embryos are designed with the discerning cattleman in mind who wants to develop the best possible cow herd. Amazing size and fineness of marbling built in this pedigree. Z6 Cattle has limited quantities of semen available. This is where you can choose your embryo based on its genetics and the cow that will carry it. We are non-broker which saves you money without compromise to premium Wagyu semen quality. Black Wagyu Embryos For Sale . Ginjo Marblemax Hiranami B901. At Bar V Wagyu in Abilene, KS, we offer embryos from top donor cows, ensuring healthy calves for livestock producers. Breeders. Advertise with Us! When we talk about polled genetics, there are basis concepts that should be understood. LTR has fullblood wagyu semen and wagyu embryos for sale. studwagyu@gmail.com. We offer Wagyu Bull Semen and Wagyu Embryos for sale below. Full Blood Wagyu Embryos For Sale. He marries the powerful structure of his father, Heartbrand Big Al, with the unsurpassed length and composition of the JVP Ms Homare J30E maternal line which yielded a bull that surpasses his father in size. Also in this Sale 10 Straws of Genjiro sold for $1,500/ Straw to HP Wagyu. Phone 515-993-4711 Please contact us for current embryo inventory via email link or phone. We have 100% pure Wagyu Embryo’s for sale as well. I have a limited amount of wagyu beef for sale that is coming in next week. He combines the strong bloodlines of Suzutani, Itozuru Doi TF151, and Kikutsuru Doi TF146. His pedigree is provided below. We usually have domestic as well as exportable embryos in inventory. Visit our online store to place your order for Wagyu Embryo in NZ. Semen and embryo shipping information. Z6 Cattle currently has Z6C-E10 available. Some countries require different veterinary tests. We plan to have available Polled Wagyu breeding bulls by 2019-2020. Wagyu Embryo For Sale in Ohio. Macquarie Prelude. All rights reserved © Kentucky Stud Wagyu 2020, Kentucky Stud Wagyu, 4063 Dry Creek Road, Elk Horn, KY, 42733, United States. 04D’s dam was a combination of SUMO CATTLE CO SEISAKUSHU C221 and the 803 cow. Highland Wagyu is a pedigree beef company, breeding premium Japanese Wagyu, Aberdeen Angus, Beef Shorthorn, Highland and Dexter cattle with a mission to produce the best beef in the world from our 25,000-acre estate farm in Perthshire, Scotland. We will then provide an embryologist to implant the cow at the appropriate time. $600. This means that all our animals are genetically verified and traced back to the original Wagyu cattle from Japan. However, we are offering embryos for sale, too. Graded Embryos available for export $600+. We have domestic semen available by the following bulls: Please visit our Z6 Wagyu Semen page for more information on these bulls. Donor: KLR Blackcap 1559 2 embryos by Basin Payweight 1682 – $200.00 ea. Our wagyu genetics include black wagyu embryos and (Akaushi) red wagyu embryos as well as wagyu cattle and wagyu semen. Currently exposed to Z6C-E4, a VA, 10 bull that is recessive free and sired by Fukutsuru 068. Many of these embryos are for Z6 Cattle to expand its herd. 151 Ichiro semen has topped $300.00 per straw in public sale. Embryos: 10 at $500 each. Sexed Embryos. However, if you have questions or feel a correction is warranted, please contact us. In the 2020 Elite Wagyu Sale records were smashed again by Vendor Wagyu Sekai. AWA and TWA We are happy to help! Donor: Bobo Isabel 1558 Longford F E0241. We also have rare Wagyu embryos and Wagyu bull semen for sale and Export. Lolo Trail Ranch offers services for all cow-bovine genetics embryo transfer facility located in NW Montana. Wagyu Breeders Handbook. All our semen inventory is collected and stored at Hawkeye Breeders in Adel Iowa. Genetic quality – Our purebred polled Wagyu are bred for carcass performance. Note ¹: Columbia and Uruguay Note ²: Argentina, Brazil and Chile Note ³: Mexico Note 4: Latin America excluding Uruguay Scroll down to order and CLICK HERE to jump down to Embryos. Wagyu Embryos For Sale. These are stellar females. All embryos are produced and stored at Hoofstock Genetics in Ranger, TX. the generic name for Japanese cattle. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. She is line bred Michifuku with consistent marbling, fineness of marbling, and large ribeye area. Breeder's Guide. Semen & Embryos for Sale Semen available for sale from Kevinhanafuji, Shidoosha, Kitaguni Jr., Shigeshigetani 510, BSW Okuduji 9, Kimifuku 117, Hirashige 170P and Hanshoku 9066. Many of these embryos are for Z6 Cattle to expand its herd. FULL BLOOD JAPANESE BLACK WAGYU EMBRYO PACKAGE DEAL FOR SALE !! E10 is a 2.5 year old bull ready to start breeding. Foundation Sires Data. Please inquire by sending us an email. Z6 Cattle is actively producing IVF (both non-sexed and female sexed) embryos during the spring and summer of 2020. I am selling this beef fresh, and has never been frozen. Enjoy our video. Plum Creek Wagyu Genetics Rockin 2 Ranch will has available Polled Wagyu semen and can provide polled Wagyu embryos in the near future. Wagyu for Sale or Trade. Red Wagyu (Akaushi) cattle, embryos, and semen currently for sale: I bought JC Okaminami 227 from you in early '17 to use as a terminal sire for my Longhorn grass-finished beef program. Trent Bridge N346. Sumo Cattle Co Michifuku F126. MS FUKUTSURU 624S by 151 ICHIRO. SIRE: FC NOCHE 26 (FB11093) SIRE: FC NOCHE (FB8025) DAM: CHR MS TAK 109M (FB5334) SCD: AA; TENDERNESS: 5; … All dams and sires are DNA tested free of all recessive genes. We have a recipient package as well. Z6 Cattle is actively producing IVF (both non-sexed and female sexed) embryos during the spring and summer of 2020. Embryos, Semen Rowe Wagyu Genetics We sell Cattle, Seed Stock. USA Shipping Available! Her dam brings Itomoritaka to the breeding for added size and milking and her sire introduces Hirashigetayasu to increase size and maintain marbling and ribeye size. Goorambat Wagyu has a number of embryos for sale, each eligible for export to many countries throughout the world. Below are links to what we currently have for sale For sale both Fullblood Black and Red Wagyu Embryos and Semen See more details on our Donors and Sires Kuro Wagyu Donors and Sires here Aka Wagyu Donors and Grade 1 Embryos available starting at $500 and up, Graded Embryos available for export $600+, Fullbloof Heifers starting at $5,000 and up, Bred Fullblood Cows starting at $4,500 and up, Please contact us for current embryo inventory via email link or phone. Start here. Fullbloof Heifers starting at $5,000 and up. We also offer Wagyu bulls, cow and cattle. 624S sired by Fukutsuru 068 the #1 marbling sire in the USA mated with new world class bull 151 Ichiro , son of very rare 151 Itozurudoi by Suzutani’s Takazakura daughter. Red and Black Wagyu Embryos for Sale Embryo transfers can be a cost effective method of developing a full blood Wagyu herd and one that allows the buyer to select from a wide range of genetics. Wagyu Embryos For Sale. Embryos, Semen . Current Fullblood Wagyu Cows and Heifers for sale are listed below. 100% Fullblood Wagyu Beef Gift Boxes. Click image to enlarge. Wagyu – the breed that made Kobe Beef famous – refers to all Japanese beef cattle, where “Wa” means Japanese and “gyu” means cow. ... Cattle & embryos for sale. World K's Michifuku. – $15,000. We are members of the American Wagyu Association. Witaj! Feel free to contact us about availability. Please get in touch with us today for more information about our rates. ATTENTION: We have made every effort to be accurate. The resulting calf will be a double cross of Itozuru Doi TF151 x Kenhanafuji x Sanjirou. Top Wagyu … We have both sexed and unsexed Wagyu embryos for sale. According to David Blackmore, renowned Australian Wagyu producer, Itoshigenami TF148 is considered to be one of the top three bulls exported from Japan. We offer A-Grade wagyu embryos from quality donors and sires. Wagyu Exchange. Reserve Cattle Company Wagyu has full blood Wagyu cattle for sale, Wagyu bulls, Wagyu semen and Wagyu embryos, as well as Kobe beef cows, Japanese Wagyu cattle, Japanese cattle, and American Wagyu. Miku Wagyu runs a full blood black Wagyu herd. Zaloguj się. Feel free to contact us about availability. Red Wagyu Semen: See our Wagyu semen page. . – Z6C E12 – Ms Nanashifuji (FB30312) heifer, mating is Kenhanafuji x Nanashi. Miku Wagyu offers premium wagyu genetics with authentic Japanese origins. For Sale. Trent Bridge M100. Polled Wagyu are producing Wagyu cattle from proven genetics, with the added benefit of no horns. Embryos Available Sired By: Sumo Cattle Co Michifuku F154. – Z6C G1 – Ms Michifuku (FB# 42593) heifer calf, Z6C-G1 is a double bred Fujiko and 068 heifer. World K's Shigeshigetani. Fullblood registered Bulls $4,000 and up. Rowe Wagyu Genetics ... SOR Big Al is a very long bodied Akaushi bull and was the high selling bull at the 2017 TexasWagyu sale. – $3,750. Homozygous and Hetrozygous Polled Wagyu cattle ! We prefer to speak with potential buyers first, go though the criteria that they are seeking when looking for embryos, and then produce the … 15,000$ 5 embryo FB18804 MS KAGE 1304A HIRASHIGETAYSAU/SUZUTANI X FB1615 WKS... View Details. Sign in New customer! TF 148 Itoshigenami. Embryos Please contact us on 076 426 1735 or admin@absolutewagyu.com for any enquiries on the embryos for sale. Please find our Wagyu semen stock list below. Our ranch is located in Central Texas and we are dedicated to producing high quality Wagyu cattle including primarily Black Wagyu heifers, bulls, semen, and embryos. 15,000$ FULL BLOOD JAPANESE BLACK WAGYU EMBRYO PACKAGE DEAL FOR SALE !! No products in the cart. However, we are offering embryos for sale, too. Your Account. The embryos are taken from healthy heifers and stored using tried-and-tested technologies. Unfortunately, we can’t keep everything due to space limitations. Enter Site. Embryos For Sale. Fullblood Registered Black Wagyu Bulls, Heifers, Embryos and Semen. Z6C-G2’s dam is one of our good flushing cows – averaging 14 grade 1 embryos per flush. beast of a bull and high selling Akaushi bull of the 2017 'Steaks are High' Texas Wagyu Sale. Grade 1 Embryos available starting at $500 and up. 15-embryos . Pinkerton Wagyu, LLC - Fullblood Wagyu Bulls Heifers Embryos For Sale in Alabama. inventory subject to change. If you are interested in any other females in our herd, please contact Z6 Cattle for availability and pricing. Buy, Sell, and Trade Everything Wagyu. We have full blood Wagyu cows, heifers and bulls for sale.

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