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bipolar husband stopped taking meds

January 18, 2021 by  
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We have a list that I wrote of the reasons I do not want to take my medication, and “challenges” to those thoughts. Does anyone have any ideas to get a grown man to take his meds so he can be normal?” He just blew another union job…he’s all over the place and too dangerous to work. And until we can wake the “normals” up to the truth that they’re sick, too, it’s not going to get better. Within a week I was abusing tequila and crushing and snorting Klonopin. At last NAMI walk I held a sign asking for help, and not one NAMI official came to my aid. Hiii Mohit There seems to be many very bad experiences with meds. We've got five strategies to foster happiness in your everyday life. He took meds for 6 months and stopped taking it, saying he felt fine and he didn’t need it. He is a verteran and likes to tell me he is taking his meds. You put your life and the life of others in danger, if I remember correctly, and you want to be in that position again? We want it to not be true so badly we’ll grasp at any straws to believe. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Somebody help me….help me help her. Natasha, have you heard of Akathisia or Tardive Dyskenisia? I Don’t Think So, The Weight of a Chronic Illness Diagnosis, Judging Those Who Get Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). :) Thank you for this blog. Living with bipolar is possible but it does take lots and lots of work. Our father expired after elongated illness on 29 jul 2003. After much effort he was controlled by 5 indls and admitted to hospital. I do think it’s important to look at things from the outside for a second and consider that there might be a connection between “other people who are unsympathetic and have NO compassion for people who are different” and “we have no filter…we tell the truth”. You believe in subjecting individuals with mental illness and their family and people they interact with, to uncontrolled outbursts. Or do we not and just be there for her when she needs a shoulder? That’s different. But the result is sometimes I make these really long pauses, or I need to restart a sentence a couple of times, or I just kind of nod and say something very slight. Hence why my psychiatrist has a list of the negative impact mania has on my work, my finances, my relationships etc. I would like to be able to say something soothing here, but you and your family are in dangerous waters here. He finally admitted that he hasn’t been taking them & never plans to. When you’re a kid, you don’t know how to be anything but what you are. He got fired for stealing and he was stealing to self medicate with drugs because he stopped taking his meds. Everything else is up to him to fix. I’m sorry about your cousin. That’s several “ifs”. Especially when it’s used as power-thing. It’s the absolute truth that he always has the choice to go off medication later. If only I had acted more decisively 16 years ago perhaps our lives would have taken a different better course. I’m sure there will be more and more instances of a newer one unless we find some way to fight the pendulum swing. We have to learn to put our well-being above the closed minds of others. I only take them because my parents would have a fit if I didn’t (and I’m an adult). She has no place to live. in the very same niche as yours and my users would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information you present here. There are people who go through the whole run of existing treatments and still aren’t better. The staff at the center told us a court hold had been placed on her and they refused us access except for a 20 minute visit and a few phone calls over an entire week. If he had agreed previously to some policy, say: “I will accept I’m manic and have lost perspective if 3 people on this list tell me so. Stopping the treatment was understandable, but now it’s time to assert some control over treatment and find something that works. What if we’ve already made the mistakes already? My husband has Bi-Polar and high blood pressure and hasnt taken any meds since late April 2015. We have a son who is 18 years old and my son’s experiences with his sister are a mirror image of my experiences with my wife. Well over the weekend I fou Bipolar Disorder Web ... Bipolar Disorder Web Community > Directory > Refusing Help > Wife stopped taking meds, and has run off with another man. Just because we respects one’s approach to treatment does not make us “evil monsters”. When you have high blood pressure, the answer is NOT blood pressure medication- the answer is exercise and eating salads with some plain, unmarinaded grilled chicken with some oil and vinegar dressing. | Queensland Mental Health, How Psychologists Can Harm Your Mental Health (But They Don’t Have to), The Lifeline Can Trace Calls. The doctors agreed with my decision to do whats best for the baby. This number includes myself. God bless the pharma corps. And the discrimination was triggered not by what my diagnosis was, but by what meds I was taking. What if each of us had a pill dispenser for each difficult emotion we encounter, one labeled “fear” “anger” “sadness” “embarrassment” on our belt that we would need to carry around every day. I have personally seen the “before and after” of people who need to take mood stabilizers, psyche meds, and the rest, and I have seen the positive improvements. GOING THROUGH THE SAME EXPERIENCE, BUT I HAVE 2 KIDS, I AM DON'T HAVE THE MONEY TO MOVE. I got a letter from a drug store which I only used once informing me that I needed to continue my bipolar medication, even if I feel … Im shocked I haven’t/never been hospitalized, i hate those and i refuse to go. Me79: If you want an alternative solution to all those medications, try looking at other cultures besides yours and how they conceive of and deal with mental illness. He will focus on the negative aspects of the experience, and it will distance him from psychiatric help in general. She wants an MRI to remove the chip. I take my meds, still learning how to manage triggers and meet with a counselor weekly. I Have ask NAMI several times to help advocate for me. I got off the pills with both of my pregnancies. Witch hunts and discrimination are a bitch–but if you’ve ever looked around, people don’t like us much. I stopped taking my meds about a week ago because I didn't like the way they made me feel. Our friends and families want it to not be true. Actually my worst. I suspect you don’t. He has had a terrible 2015-took off for a month to California and yes he refuses to take the meds. This allows you to quote things if you want to comment on them, and the like. The individual is non-compliant or are they being proactive in their recovery. I’m a health nut and exercise but I’m also biploar. If people exclude you for that, it hurts, and it changes the way you think – and often not for the better. I want to help her, but from what I am reading there really is no helping a bipolar person…..they have to comply themselves, and it doesn’t sound to me like many of them do. It would probably be best to just drop the guy, and maybe a few years from now he can visit. I don’t care about ppl trying to sway me away from my treatment,you haven’t lived my life. We have tried to talk him into taking his pills but in vain. Their medication is working, they’re experiencing wellness and so they think they no longer need their medication. Their medication is working but the side effects are intolerable. Every family member has tried to help her, but when she is going through her episodes she always threatens violence, so everybody is pretty scared of her at this point. He had what we thought was depression 30 yrs ago. I love my daughter. But that’s me. We are a pill popping nation, it’s our solution to every thing. Get out and dont look back. I myself have an addiction and I had to want to get out. Evil monsters such as those who say “Schizophrenics and bipolars and others should be free to have episodes” are enemies of mankind and destroy society. Blessings. i am so grateful for all the practical advice you gave me. She has bipolar disorder with psychotic tendencies, OCD, anxiety, and depression. I am trying to figure out what to do. The medication seems to make her feel good, but does not control her problem. Now that I’ve rambled, back to my original point. Suicide Hotlines Can Save Lives, You Create Your Own Reality? Jon Press is a husband and father living in the Chicago suburbs. Most people are afraid of her. MY NEW PSYCH NEVER EVER GAVE UP AS DIDNT MY GP WHO HIRED HIM) SO I ALWAYS TELL MY SPECIALISTS IF THEY WANT TO ADD DRUGS TO THE MIX! The alcohol INCREASES THE INTENSITY OF MOODSWINGS & screws up any help your meds could give…….. I had no other choice but to ask her to move out. No more manic episodes, she seemed to be her normal self for a long time, but it took being arrested and hospitalized to get her on meds. She makes me feel scared, confused, guilty, panic and worried. It’s just a tool to temper his energy level. Don’t you dare to call others “evil monsters”. The hospital keep her less than 24 hours and left her go. The gives reason that she will be become obese, she gets headache etc. You are treatment-compliant. Posted by Natasha Tracy | Sep 25, 2012 | Bipolar blog, choosing a treatment, mental illness issues, noncompliance, treatment issues, z_features | 72. maybe, maybe not… my history has shown, time and again, not.. not overall. Let him behave as he wants as you wouldn’t want anybody to tell you what to do, but don’t say things like he is threatening custody unless he really is trying to hurt because those types of things escalate things. Sadly after seeking intermittent counseling as a couple my wife decides to sue me for divorce last October due to my inability to make her happy. My answer is going back to my old fallbacks, or having that,and it is a crazy thought , well, if shit hits the fan, I just want to be done anyhow so let it happen and I’ve pushed everyone out with the exception of my kids. geeze. My name is Mohit age 28 yrs working in pvt bank in India. Is there anything you can do about treatment noncompliance? How does menopause affect them? Doctors have administered fwg drugs. But what do you do if the person refuses to take the medications even before starting. My daughter was diagnosed with bi-polar at 21, she is now 45. It was compounded by making facial expressions using tongue and shouting in aggressive manner. But, if his mania is resulting in him being self-destructive and not a threat to his own life, he will not interpret hospitalization as helpful or caring. Ever see that show, Sliders? It’s so sad to feel this way completely not in control closest to death I’ve ever felt. I know he needs help but he refuses. These psychotropic drugs are dangerous. I have had general power of attorney for her for the last 16 years, and also have full health care directive. Lithium takes me out of the suicidal impulsivity… other than that, it does literally not one thing positive for me. A list of national and international resources and hotlines to help connect you to needed health and medical services. If I’m not paying attention I’ll say something very articulate, but also very disconcerting to people. So yeah, I’m med non compliant. So the person is no longer bothering you and being shame to some “dignified family”, because they are dwelling in horrendous fog of medically induced numbness. The most mind boggling excuse I hear is “I don’t like the way the meds make me feel”. I have been telling him to stop, but he wont. Ya I get depressed bc it’s hard out there to live and focus on myself. I have never met someone with the bipolar diagnosis that has not gone off meds at least once (though I’m sure those strong-willed people are out there, ... especially my husband, in what I’m thinking, to ask for input on my behavior, and to be supports throughout my life. I’m extremely frustrated with my Vietnam veteran father. For people with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), the COVID-19 pandemic can be particularly challenging. We see our friend go through so many heart wrenching struggles over and over again. Once she started feeling better though she dumped her meds. Yeppers, very tough patients to work with, takes a lot of time. Just because I live in a kind of existential alienation from things, that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing to make other people live there. Anyway,just for anyway coming across & reading this hope you never MIX ANY ALCOHOL W YOUR MEDS!” Make the best call for you. My (20F) SO (20F) has been diagnosed with both bipolar I and borderline personality disorder, as well as anxiety and PTSD. They support the family and turn their heads to the individual with the DX, many live with the pain 24/7. so I’m going off agian. When we take our pills, do we feel proud of ourselves for nurturing our bodies and minds, is it just something we do that’s neutral, or do we feel ashamed of ourselves for being broken and effed up? I’m afraid I’ll stay right on task where I am,thank you. I’m not judging you, and I don’t know how long it will take Natasha to post and I hate to put words in her mouth, but I doubt she means to judge you, either. It’s often one’s soul, personality, spirit one misses (and sadly, many pdocs seem to confuse boring for stable and normal… hence “travels to eastern europe” has been seen as symptom of my crazy). Mean old statistics–all the therapies have a failure rate, which means some unlucky souls get to fall through all the cracks of the *current* treatments (but they’re always getting new ones). This has to end. Over the years these medications changed as circumstances changed, different doctors, hospital stays, etc, Lithium is one medication that she has always been on, but she needs a typical anti psychotic also. Essentially, you propose the medication as a short-term tactic. what do i do? It is pertinent to mention that my brother sachin is of very intimate and shy nature. The medication isn’t working and their illness convinces them to go off their medication. Ups and downs continue. Ever since, she has had a stigma against doctors and medicines. : They check themselves in and out of hospitals. Took meds and the same thing. She has been suffering from this problem since 2007. Try to stay sane yourself and take care of yourself, hopefully there will be more better times than bad times. And it’s the same for you. There will be patients who don’t take their medication because it triggers discrimination against them. It made no sense, for I … I would think that the ethics of confidentiality only require his doctor not to talk to you, they don't prevent you from talking to his doctor. Would you shame me? Typical NAMI statement, it is painful to watch a family member in pain. She also read the side effects of the medicines and got further worried. Affordability is a huge factor. Where doctor diagnosed him with psychosis. The article talks about not taking the medication once you think that you are fine. Try these 10 mood-boosting tips to get your happy back. PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY IT DOES TAKE PPLS LIVES EVERYDAY She never stays long wherever she goes. Do we really need SO many of them? Don’t let the winter chill send your smile into deep hibernation. We can’t get medication compliance from people with mental illnesses until we reach and change the attitudes of the society we live in. Cheers! All along I have been urging my wife to seek counseling for her depression but this was always met with opposition. Unfortunately, my cousin who was bipolar 1 committed suicide about 3 weeks ago, after several failed attempts. Isn’t that what happened before? She went off her meds and just had been in a downward spiral for about 8 months. If she does not take medicine, her mental disorder will relapse again. However, it is important to exhaust your options before reaching this conclusion and to not give up prematurely. My, you are even more crazy then we thought…. i have no money, no insurance and therefore.. no psychiatrist and I’ve just NOW re-started with a psychologist who is only taking $20 from me a visit because she has “charity” care. http://www.youneedhelpbook.com/You_Need_Help/Overview.html, http://www.bcss.org/category/resources/about-mental-illness/psychosis/, Do Medications For Mental Health Issues Work? i will take only the mental issues. With no insurance my psych appts were 90$ each visit and anti-psychotics are expensive- 300$/month st one point, which I could only sustain for so long. It took a judge to get her out. It’s bit fear-mongering in “take your pills or you’ll DIE”. Plus I get the added experience to be blamed by my daughter that it was MY FAULT that the family is broken. In that case, I will let them tell me what to do for a period of 1 month.” then you would have a handle. I’ve been on Paxil and Respirdal for over 10 years now, and it may have some kind of effect. There are really three reasons mental illness patients are noncompliant. As for me- I tried to be there for the last 6 years of my life, I can no longer offer her my support/home and love because of her untreated condition. I would love to actually read your answer to mental illness and what it is in your book if not mental illness. My opinion is that you’ve got those things reversed. She deserves some peace and happiness too? Now my body expects a fresh infusion every night, that I must take in order to get decent sleep, on nights I’ve missed it, I couldn’t sleep, or get very bad sleep, so bad in fact, that I’ve had dreams in which I’m tired in my dream, wishing I could fall asleep- when I’m already asleep! My husband has bipolar and he refuses to take medication because he doesn't think he needs them. I have married for 32 yrs to a man with Bipolar. If you feel like what you’re doing is right for you, and you can meet your obligations, then that’s what works for you. Would I “feel” better or “be” better with something? As most of you know my husband has been taking Risperdal and Depakote for the pat 7 months (after being diagnosed with Bipolar--after trying to commit suicide, having a Major Manic Episode/ extremely psychotic and paranoid). provide credit and sources back to your website? Have bp1 and BPD. My husbant STOPPED taking all his meds--Help! Maybe the medical professional do not know what to do, so they shove drug after drug down the individual throat. He is hypo-manic and I am afraid that he will hurt himself. so not being in the company of cold hard brutal folks is not a bad thing. My psychiatric medications were on some state “list” that got me on a state “list.” The result was that every year I lived in that screwy place I had to get my doctor to fill out a form saying that no, I still didn’t have a seizure disorder and no, I wasn’t going to suddenly lose it on the highway and ram my car into other people. I’m human like anyone else. Discover the common symptoms of and treatment options for depression. I am on no “psych meds” and haven’t been for nearly 5 years now. Do you think I deserve that? One of the unfortunate side effects of taking Respiridal for so long, is now I am DEPENDANT on it. He was diagnosed with bipolar 6 years ago. 15 signs that it’s more than just the blues. I took seroquil, which did seem to help, but there was a horrible grogginess involved and I went to my mom’s condo and somehow in the middle of the night had a dream and woke up in a neighbors house at 5 AM, thankfully I finally came to before I woke anyone up and got out. I believe there is perhaps a 4th reason someone bipolar decides to not take meds. That’s probably true for a lot of people, but I wanted to point out to the rest of your readership that it’s not always the case. Your email address will not be published. Beats going to Emerg With lame as resident Dr! One time I just went cold turkey and about a week later I was in the car with my mind m. She kept pestering and pestering it felt so unbearable I screamed hysterically took off my seat belt and was about to jump out of the movjg car(which was going 50 via speed limit). Personally, I wouldn’t call a conscious decision to go off of your meds because you wanted to become pregnant medication noncompliance – particularly if you were doing it under the care of a physician. We argued virtually everyday about whatever as her moods were constantly dark. But, if you don’t start by demonstrating the self-control and selflessness essential to creating the simple foundations of a relationship, people are going to be “unsympathetic and have NO compassion”. The last year has been by far the worst. It’s been constant struggle for us. My psychiatrist that made me sick off of lamictal I can’t do very much to hem I can’t sew and I can have his medical license taken from him because the FDA doesn’t require Dr to tell patients about the side effects which makes it virtually impossible to sew a doctor for them ruining your life the bad thing is I’ve asked my doctor 5 times about the drug he was given me making me sick and he out out lied told me no and the bad thing is its been like this for 3 years and it got really really bad for the last 6 months I actually got to the point where I thought I was going to die the very bad thing is this idiot psychiatrist which should be in jail should at least when I was asking if its hurting me could have told me we could change your medicine in it yes its a possibility it now when my family doctor started figuring out what was going on he was like I never want you to take this drug ever again psychiatrist alone do not care about their patients all they care about is how much money they’re getting from these drug companies it’s more important to put a toxic drug into somebody’s body and let them pay I was on my hands and knees begging not to die I called all the attorneys in my area trying to sue this idiot doctor they couldn’t even apologize for causing this the FDA doesn’t require the doctors to tell anything about the side effects at all in reality there’s over 220 side effects and now I can’t do much I can’t walk or stand more than an hour that drug aggressively attacks and it gives you the symptoms of massive grave an autoimmune disease that attacks the muscles I was quiet I was so sick I actually thought I was going to die and I thought I was going to die very soon this is got to be the worst thing that a doctor could have ever done and they thought it was better just to shut up and take the drugs I am NOT a guinea pig, I can’t stand psychiatrist it’s all a fraud they are manipulators and they purposely lie to their patients they all physically try to lie unless you’re suicidal you shouldn’t be taking these hardcore drugs I’ve tried a lot of drugs to a point where I got sick from the drugs and I never get rid of the stupid disease that they claim to that I had bipolar disorder 16 schizoaffective disorder it’s all a lie if you tell a psychiatrist you believe in God they think you’re crazy I hate all psychiatrist and they should live in their patients shoes my psychiatrist should be behind criminal bars I’m in kidney failure because of that bastard. I’d say listen to your body stay in touch with your Dr He does not have any close friends or is not even socially active. My sister doesn’t believe she is BP although she took medication for sometime and was diagnosed from 3 different doctors. How to convince her? She is manic out there some where in sub zero weather and no one knows what to do. There is actually much more to say about handling this problem, but, alas, I’ve gone long already. I barely can afford my generic topiramate for my seizures.. can’t afford 4-6 psych meds on top of that. i find the most important thing is that she needs her space. That is why it’s considerate to small-talk people. 1) I’ve been on just about everything there IS & gone off MEDS 2-3 X ended up fully manic / psychotic within few days.

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