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ciudad juarez shooting

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[10] The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the shooting as an act of domestic terrorism and a hate crime. ", "El Paso congresswoman says Trump 'not welcome' in the city after mass shooting", "El Paso's congresswoman said Trump 'put the target on our back.' [5] Writing in GQ, Luke Darby referred to the "distinctly environmental theme" of Crusius' alleged manifesto. [44], Several commentators attributed both the El Paso and Christchurch shootings to an ideology of eco-fascism. [36] He graduated in 2017 from Plano Senior High School, and was enrolled at Collin College from 2017 until spring 2019. [141], UN Secretary-General António Guterres condemned "in the strongest terms the terrorist attack against Latinos on Saturday in the Texas city of El Paso" and called for everyone to work together to combat violence born of hate, racism and xenophobia. Find Ciudad Juarez Latest News, Videos & Pictures on Ciudad Juarez and see latest updates, news, information from NDTV.COM. Hate has no place in America. The SRE confirmed that the consul Mauricio Ibarra Ponce de León would coordinate with El Paso and Ciudad Juárez officials. [42][111][115] Many Latinos interviewed by The New York Times said they felt disturbed at becoming targets of white-nationalist violence. Both countries warned their citizens to avoid any place with large crowds, including shopping malls, festivals, and "any kind of cultural or sporting events". The defense added that he was treated with anti-psychotic medication and that he was in a "psychotic state" when arrested. La Línea is linked to some of Ciudad Juárez's and the state's most notorious massacres, including the massacre of 16 teenagers at a high school party, the shooting that killed 19 patients at a rehab center, and of the cell phone-detonated car bomb attack – all of them perpetrated in 2010. [128], Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador extended his condolences to the families of the victims, both Americans and Mexicans. Things to … [88][89] In a later statement, Trump announced after the shootings in El Paso and in Dayton, Ohio, that all US flags, both domestic and abroad, would be flown at half-staff until sunset on August 8. [32] Criticizing both the Democratic Party and Republican Party[49] for allowing corporations to "import foreign workers",[50] the author describes the shooting as an "incentive" for Hispanics to leave the country, which would "remove the threat" of a Hispanic voting bloc. More than 15,000 people were murdered in Ciudad Juarez between 2008 and 2019, including 1,497 last year, according to official figures. [1] His father, Jaime Valle, claimed he had never been in any other sort of trouble and would have returned to his home by now if he were alive. [53][54][55], Former president Barack Obama broke his self-imposed vow of silence on the new president's leadership to release the statement, "We should soundly reject language coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders that feeds a climate of fear and hatred or normalizes racist sentiments," which has widely been interpreted as a criticism of Trump's specific rhetoric. Commonly searched for in Ciudad Juarez. [29][30][31] A 21-year-old white male,[32][33][34] he was last known to have lived in his family's home in Allen, Texas, in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex,[12][28][35] approximately 650 miles (1,050 km) from El Paso. [17][18] Many customers and employees fled to other stores in the adjacent mall, hid under tables,[19] or in shipping containers located behind the building. [133] The Chihuahua government also directed Chihuahua residents and Mexican citizens affected by the attack to Mexico's Executive Committee for Victims (Spanish: Comisión Ejecutiva de Atención a Víctimas), and set up a phone line for Mexican citizens who needed assistance. ", "The El Paso Screed, and the Racist Doctrine Behind It", "El Paso vigils bring together a city in mourning after mass shooting", "After shootings, El Paso and Latino groups amp up action against gun violence, white supremacy", "Two mass killings a world apart share a common theme: 'ecofascism, "El Paso Shooting Suspect Told Police He Was Targeting 'Mexicans.' [26] The names, ages, and citizenships of 22 of the dead were released by the El Paso Police Department on August 5. Nowhere has the bloodletting been worse than in Ciudad Juarez, a sprawling border city that has registered more than 1,350 slayings in 2008, about a fourth of the country’s total. [83] Mainstream environmentalists, including the executive director of the Sierra Club, denounced the attacker's alleged white-supremacist motivations. Another agent wounded in the attack died days later at a hospital. [142], The incident was mentioned by Pope Francis during a speech in St. Peter's Square on August 4, in which he condemned attacks on defenseless people and said he was spiritually close to the victims, the wounded, and the families affected by the attacks that had "bloodied Texas, California, and Ohio". He issued a "Code Brown", designating an active shooter, to his employees, who began helping customers evacuate or hide. Abraham Lincoln and Av. [116], Dan Stein, the president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), issued a statement on Twitter denouncing the shooting, with no mention of Crusius' alleged manifesto. [66] Ciudad Juárez's Rotary International chapter organized a vigil in Ciudad Juárez. Other 2020 candidates called for political action to eliminate gun violence, including Booker,[100] Pete Buttigieg,[106] Bernie Sanders,[107] Elizabeth Warren,[107] and Andrew Yang. Gunmen attacked patrons at a bar near the U.S. consulate in Ciudad Juarez early Sunday, killing three people in the second deadly club shooting in a week in the violent northern Mexico border city. [126][127] Trump said that he had an "amazing day" of visits, praising the "love, the respect for" him as president. [37] During his first interrogation, he told detectives he had targeted Mexicans, according to an arrest warrant affidavit. Explore more on Ciudad Juarez at Dnaindia.com. We Can't Let the Far Right Co-Opt the Environmental Struggle", "The El Paso manifesto: Where racism and eco-fascism meet", "What Is Eco-Fascism, the Ideology Behind Attacks in El Paso and Christchurch? Days after a young Texan went on a shooting rampage that appeared to target Hispanics at a Walmart in El Paso, killing 22 people, including eight Mexican citizens, many like Juarez Mayor Armando Cabada pointed out that the attacker was from north Texas, not from the border community, and somehow that made the pain inflicted less personal. [13][60] Federal prosecutors of the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Western District of Texas are seeking the death penalty,[56] but the final decision on whether a federal capital sentence will be sought will be made by the Attorney General of the United States. I want justice! [68][69], One week after the shooting, a citizen from Ciudad Juárez, Jorge Luis Martínez Chávez, ran a total of 22 miles, a mile for each of the people killed in the Walmart shooting (one additional victim died months later), starting at the Zaragoza bridge in Juárez, Mexico, and finishing at the Walmart memorial in El Paso where the attack was perpetrated. [50], In response to the shooting, some 8chan users claimed that the shooter was "our guy". [101] Texas Senator Ted Cruz issued a written statement deploring "this unspeakable evil. Kill those ungrateful dogs that are going around killing innocent people. MEXICO CITY — The death toll rose to 14 in the weekend massacre at a boy’s birthday party in Ciudad Juárez, the Chihuahua State attorney general’s office said Sunday. [105][124][125] The White House published photos and a video of Trump's trip; in some photos, Trump was pictured smiling and giving thumbs up gestures, while the video was focused on Trump shaking hands and posing for photos. [1] She described her son as a "delinquent" but did not specify the addiction problems of her three family members. Recently the UN launched an action plan to "fight against discourses that incite hatred". It is across from Federal Police headquarters. Authorities believe the attack was part of a turf battle,[3] one of the deadliest such shootings in Ciudad Juárez since President Felipe Calderón initiated a 2006 crackdown on gangs dealing drugs. Oscar Dolores Arroyo Chavarria, 30, a member of the Juarez cartel, was arrested Monday after a shootout with soldiers, officials said. [56], Crusius was indicted on capital murder charges by a Texas grand jury on September 12, 2019. Patrick Crusius, a 21-year-old from Allen, Texas, was arrested shortly after the shooting and charged with capital murder in connection with the shooting. [1] 17-year-old Jaime Saúl Pérez was beginning to "turn his life around" by asking for assistance with his urges for marijuana. Explore more on Ciudad Juarez. The Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting happened in California around a week before the El Paso shooting, while the 2019 Dayton shooting occurred in Ohio less than 24 hours after. Ciudad Juarez previously earned the title as the murder capital of the world, but peace returned for a time once the Sinaloa Cartel became dominant. [2] The El Diario newspaper reported that a number of victims belonged to the Barrio Azteca gang, which is believed to be aligned with the Juarez Cartel. 7 women, 1 man killed in Ciudad Juarez shooting (Newser) - Yet more carnage in Ciudad Juarez: Gunman opened fire in a bar in the border city last night, killing seven women and one man. [79][80][81] The Washington Post described the El Paso and Christchurch shootings as examples of an eco-fascist trend among white supremacists. The company also asked customers not to openly carry firearms into their stores. A gunman shot and killed 23 people[n 1] and injured 23 others. Arzate also admitted to shooting and killing one person. The shooting happened Saturday night inside the San Martin Bar located on Av. On the same day as the attack, Michoacán's deputy director of public safety José Manuel Revuelta was killed alongside two bodyguards after two weeks in that post, the highest profile person to be killed in Mexico's drug violence. ", This page was last edited on 11 January 2021, at 15:46. [4] He said: "In this type of places, the drug cartels are recruiting youngsters from 17 to 23 years of age". : Tickets & Tours‎ Boliche Strikers: Tickets & Tours‎ Near Airports. Eighteen patients were forced into a central corridor, lined up against a wall and shot dead by hooded gunmen. An explosion inside a candy factory in the border city of Ciudad Juarez has left one person dead and at least 40 injured, Mexican authorities said. [54][111][112] Texas senator Ted Cruz decried the shooting as a "heinous act of terrorism and white supremacy". In Ciudad Juarez, IDUs who attended shooting galleries were more likely to have ever noticed blood on equipment while injecting heroin, and to still use that equipment despite the visible blood. [104] Texas Lt. He pleaded not guilty to capital murder charges at his arraignment on October 10, 2019 at the El Paso County Courthouse. … In addition, it would guarantee Mexico access to information about the case. Everyone's resolved to make sure this doesn't continue to happen in this country. [87] He promised that his administration would provide "total support". March 18 — A shooting that killed a female state police officer. [121] In El Paso, protesters showed up at the site of the shooting, some claiming that Trump's attitude and statements had led to the shooting;[122][123] Two days before the visit, congresswoman Escobar said that Trump was "not welcome" in the city and declined an invitation to meet with him. ", "But if Mr. Trump did not originally inspire the gunman, he has brought into the mainstream polarizing ideas and people once consigned to the fringes of American society [...] Mr. Crusius described legal and illegal immigrants as 'invaders' who are flooding into the United States, a term Mr. Trump has frequently employed to argue for a border wall. The Ciudad Juárez rehab center attack was a shooting that occurred at 7:15 pm on September 2, 2009, at the El Aliviane drug treatment clinic in the city of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. In December 2009, Juarez's under-17 coach was killed in a mobile phone shop, caught up in a gang shooting. [117][118] The site later went dark after its server rental provider Voxility discontinued its service. The purported manifesto of the shooter, after being deleted, was re-uploaded by some users, while others commented that it showed "zero effort", or claimed that it was fake. [70], Two days after the shooting, a Walmart corporate employee in the e-commerce division sent a memorandum to Walmart's entire e-commerce team (which includes thousands of employees) urging a "sick out" strike to force the corporation to stop selling guns. He said that notwithstanding if the attack was confirmed to be a hate crime or not, that Trump should stop his "hate speech" and "stigmatization". [67], Antonio Basco declared his wife's funeral on August 16 to be open to anyone who wished to attend. [28] Two children, ages 2 and 9, were transferred to El Paso Children's Hospital after their conditions were stabilized. [43] Claiming to have been inspired by the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand that killed 51 people earlier the same year,[44] the author expresses support for the perpetrator of the Christchurch shootings[32][45][46] and bemoans grievances[47][48] such as environmental degradation,[5][49][45] "cultural and ethnic replacement",[46][50] and a "Hispanic invasion". Those who attended shooting galleries were also more likely to report injecting for a longer period of time, being arrested for carrying sterile syringes, acquiring a used syringe, and overdosing. [130] The Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE) identified the eight Mexican citizens killed, and the seven Mexican citizens wounded, in the attack. Right-wing terrorism in the United States, Federation for American Immigration Reform, individual(s) or firm who sold the weapons, List of mass shootings in the United States, "FBI struggles to confront right-wing terrorism", "How Many Attacks Will It Take Until the White-Supremacist Threat Is Taken Seriously? The Mexican city of Cuidad Juarez is notorious for its high crime and murder rates. [61] On July 23, 2020, Crusius entered a plea of not-guilty to federal charges. Ciudad Juarez has become a hotspot of violence as La Linea-Juarez and the Sinaloa Cartel fight a turf war. [95], Members of the Democratic Party[50] criticized Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric in the wake of the shooting, including congresswoman Escobar[105] and 2020 presidential candidates[54] O'Rourke,[54] Cory Booker,[55] and Joe Biden[50]. [88] Texas Senator John Cornyn said that gun violence would not be solved by focusing on law-abiding citizens. The president and first lady also met with the mayors of El Paso[120] and Dayton. [34] Mark Stevens, a San Antonio criminal defense attorney, was appointed by the state court to represent Crusius, along with defense attorney Joe Spencer. [64], On July 14, 2020, the court accepted a motion by the defense team in which they cited mitigating factors, citing Crusius' alleged lifelong neurological and mental disabilities, which they described as "severe". Oct 25, 2013, 09:43 AM IST Mexico arrests 12 in women`s border slayings Their former gang leader, nicknamed El Diego, was guilty of carrying out more than 1,500 killings from 2008 to 2011. Ciudad Juárez, Mexico — Pedro Enriques plans to cross the border from Juárez to El Paso to shop at the city’s Walmart as soon as the store reopens following Saturday’s mass shooting. Abbott: 20 dead in mass shooting at El Paso Walmart", "Beto O'Rourke gives emotional statement in response to El Paso shooting", "Congress rarely acts on gun control despite mass shootings", "El Paso congresswoman Veronica Escobar to Trump: 'You are not welcome here, "2020 Dems call for action after El Paso shooting", "Andrew Yang discusses gun reform in response to El Paso, Dayton shootings", "El Paso: Rising white nationalist terror leaves its calling card", "After El Paso shooting, some Texas Republican leaders decry 'white' terror", "Cruz: El Paso shooting an act of 'terrorism and white supremacy, "From condemning 'white terrorism' to condemning video games: Republican responses to El Paso shooting", "White Nationalists Pose Challenge to Investigators", "Cloudflare to revoke 8chan's service, opening the fringe website up for DDoS attacks", "8chan goes dark after hardware provider discontinues service", "Live updates: President Donald Trump leaves UMC El Paso after visit with patient families-2:53 p.m. Mayor Margo, Trump speak", "Trump Comes to Console. [12], Patrick Wood Crusius (born July 27, 1998) was arrested after the shooting and charged with capital murder. [5], President Donald Trump condemned the shooting as hateful and cowardly later that day. Governor Dan Patrick said violent video games were partly to blame. (KTSM) — A man was gunned down inside a busy Juarez bar frequented by El Pasoans, according to KTSM’s Juarez correspondent. [2] NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg urged countries to work together to prevent "lone wolf" attackers who find inspiration in one another's actions. [62] A trial in federal court is expected before the trial in state court. [119], Trump visited El Paso and Dayton on August 7. [29] The Del Sol Medical Center patients were between 35 and 82 years old. [65], Several funeral homes in El Paso and Ciudad Juárez announced they would provide funeral services for free to the families of the victims as a sign of solidarity for their community. [4] President Calderón was delivering his annual state of the union address around the time of the shootings and defended his efforts to beat the drug gangs. She's skipping his visit", "Trump attacks local leaders as he visits two cities grieving from mass shootings", "Self-promotion: Trump boasts of rally crowd size during hospital visit to console Texas massacre survivors", "Trump Uses a Day of Healing to Deepen the Nation's Divisions", "8 mexicanos murieron en el tiroteo en Walmart de El Paso, Texas", "Mexico FM says El Paso shooting 'terrorist' act", "Ocho mexicanos murieron y siete resultaron heridos durante el tiroteo en El Paso, Texas", "Gobierno de Chihuahua condena ataque en El Paso, Texas", "Consulado de México busca a mexicanos en hospitales tras tiroteo", "Tras tiroteo en El Paso, México podría denunciar por terrorismo", "Éstas son las acciones que tomará México tras tiroteo en El Paso", "López Obrador says seven Mexicans among the dead in El Paso, plans legal action to protect Mexicans in the U.S.", "Mexico to pursue legal action after seven citizens killed in El Paso shooting", "Calderón pide a Trump frenar discurso de odio tras tiroteo en El Paso", "Ataque contra latinos en El Paso es un "acto terrorista": ONU", "Pope condemns spate of U.S. gun violence, prays for victims", "Venezuela, Uruguay warn against travel to U.S. cities following mass shootings", "Gun violence in America prompts Amnesty International and a growing list of countries to issue travel warnings", "Trump threatens to retaliate against countries like Japan, Uruguay that issued travel warnings", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=2019_El_Paso_shooting&oldid=999712953, Attacks on buildings and structures in the United States, Neo-fascist terrorist incidents in the United States, Racially motivated violence against Hispanic and Latino Americans, Terrorist incidents in the United States in 2019, Short description is different from Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Articles that include images for deletion from January 2021, Articles which use infobox templates with no data rows, Articles lacking reliable references from April 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "The document parrots some of President Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric about immigration, but the writer said his views predate Trump’s rise", "The manifesto’s author said their anger toward immigrants predates Donald Trump’s presidency, but the language used bears much similarity with the president’s vocabulary. EL PASO, Texas (KFOX14/CBS4) — A shooting took place in front of the Ciudad Juarez airport Wednesday night, according to El Diario. The gunners tore through the door of the centre, breaking it down in the process. "[102] Beto O’Rourke, a native of El Paso who represented the city in Congress from 2013 to 2019, said he was "incredibly saddened" but that "The [El Paso] community is going to stay together. [50] Both Stein and Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, which also advocates restrictions on immigration, dismissed any connections between Crusius' ideology and their own. [43] Site moderators quickly removed the original post, though users continued sharing copies. (KTSM) — A reporter for National Geographic was shot in the leg while on an assignment early Saturday morning, according to KTSM’s partner in Juarez. The reported attack against Hagelsieb comes nine years after a group of Los Zetas gunmen killed U.S. Immigration … Additional correlates … Still, life appeared normal here in Ciudad Juarez a day after the shooting. It is privately run, and is located in a neighborhood next to the United States border. [92], Within two days of the shooting, #WhiteSupremacistInChief reached the number one trend on Twitter[93] as critics pointed out that statements in the suspect's alleged manifesto mirrored comments Trump had made in the past, including references to illegal immigration as an "invasion" and telling a group of minority congresswomen (all U.S. citizens) to "go back" to their home countries. Maria Solorza of El Paso, Texas protests the shooting death of a Juarez teenager by a Border Patrol agent during a gathering at the foot of the Paso Del Norte international port of entry.

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