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eating too much fruit side effects

January 18, 2021 by  
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Even if you’re not a year round fruit-i-vore, summer makes you want to be one. I guess every body Is different. Thank you so much for this fantastic article! I’ve adopted a very healthy lifestyle in the last 6 months. (Not half a watermelon or a jumbo bowl of fruit salad.). It seems the past few decades of government sponsored nutrition messages to eat 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day have been lost in a game of telephone. I’ve been eating more fruit – mostly as a way to stay hydrated and maybe lose weight. It actually scared me a bit because I live in the Caribbean and we have so many species of mangoes. I’m literally fascinated with this article. Some healthy snacks and a few sandwiches for lunch. One of the side-effects that has always bothered me the most is the bloating and the stomach aches, most prominent after eating tropical fruits (that I adore) like papaya and pineapple, or oranges; also, apples always make me soooo hungry! If I ate as much fruit as you everyday, I would be spending most of my time on the toilet with diarrhea. I’ve been trying to lose weight for very long time. I’ll be honest, I hardly ever read long articles but This one grabbed me. (I do celery sticks & broccoli with hummus, too.) Just a stone and a half from target ….I am maintaining week after week. lost my daily kcal budget decreased so I started eating lots of fruit and trying to eat clean believing that I was eating healthy. Hey hun, I don’t think it’s necessary for you to cut down on your 4 portions of fruit. Then at work I was feeling nauseated, and miserable! Powder) After about 2 weeks ,I awoke feeling like I needed to throw up and my stomach felt out of sorts for about a week. Fruit is the basis of my every day meals. Share away! I digest it really well. Sit at the computer quite a lot. My New Year resolution is to lose 11 kg. Definitely noted. thank you Pierre. When we don't eat fruits, we miss out on fibre which helps us to feel full and keeps our digestive systems healthy," Debenham said. *facealm*, Came across this when I googled ‘can you eat too much fruit’ apart from smoothies I can identify with every point and the link to cereal for breakfast! And just because eating a lot of fruit works for you, doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Ever since starting a longterm diet for14 years I’ve been eating much more daily fruit. Dinner is typically fish with a large salad. Some people argue that there's no limit to the amount of fruit you can eat daily, and follow a fruitarian diet, subsisting primarily on apples, oranges, and the like. Do you have any thoughts on this please? Thank you! I run 4 kilometers 5 times a week. I started to make a google search on “eating fruit and digestion” because I am just back from a trip when I ate pretty much no fruits for ten days. I forgot to mention that in my daily nutrabullet drink I also add raw coconut oil, hemp ground. Lilly is really out of line this time” I went on reading and quickly checking and scoffing at the list of items: “Nope, no bloating! My husband, who is into eating well and exercising has been telling me how unhealthy my smoothies are for a long time. After all, I could live on fresh fruit and some protein. Hi Yesterday I ate a whole red grapefruit followed by cereal with fresh strawberries for breakfast as I always do. (I thought fructose was converted into fat by the liver and does not become glucose). For what? I live on fruit. I’ve lost 60 lb and my body fat is below 10%. Thanks! My cravings are gone. Thank you, Hi Holly, Have you checked out my free ebook: “Veggies: Eat Them Because You Want To, Not Because You Have To”? This was really interesting to read and I’ll make up more of my 5-a-day or 7-a-day or whatever it is now with vegetables from now on. And if you need help making your new best friends (aka vegetables) taste good, be sure to grab your copy of my FREE ebook: “VEGGIES: Eat Them Because You Want To, Not Because You Have To” via the box below. I use to have bad constipation problems but as soon as I started eating fiber one cereal (the one that looks like bran and has 14g of fiber per serving), I noticed a huge improvement in my bowel movements and once I started adding raspberries or strawberries with the cereal my body was 100% normal again. I used to eat about 6, plus 8 or so veggies. (I usually switch between soy and almond.) So interesting, Lana! Can’t wait to share this with some fellow sufferers. Though, that being said, the northwest cherries are amazing. Fruit is the most healing food on the planet. And fruits are easier to keep on the car because I am a dog walker and have to drive all over Madison WI. I was diagnosed with many food intolerances in October and have been avoiding foods like dairy, gluten wheat, avocado, nuts, soya potatoes and many more. This article was very helpful! He eats a lot of fruit (instead of processed foods) so this all makes sense to me now; I’ve been allowing him to eat too much fruit thinking I was doing the right thing giving him healthy food.. & All the stores I go to spouts.whole foods. Do you think J.P. is causing this. I may still adjust to reduce my fruit intake and see how that goes. Thank you for this article as it was really eye opening! After reading this, I’m going to have fruit smoothie with greens for breakfast only. I’m gassy and family complains about that. I was discouraged and perplexed and deciding about whether to just go and get a whole pizza to chomp on and drown my sorrows on that sad sight (although at this point I would pay for that choice….my stomach now cannot digest anything packaged or digested). So yes, I am 140 lbs, with an aim of 130 lbs, I am a super “healthy” eater…( as defined by society), but a very unhealthy eater otherwise( fruit only!! I did a 7 day total sugar detox (I even cut out sweet potatoes!) So your write up makes perfect sense, especially about the weight. I think it is the inflammatory reaction you were talking about. Avocado in a flour tortilla. I waited for the dreaded burning, bloating and nausea. I have since stopped my fruit just to see what happens. Joy. With fruit, unsweetened almond milk, and protein powder. Unfortunately, I just ate 8 apricots (and that was definitely not even half of the fruit I ate all day…). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you are basing this on the review published in “Nutrition,” where researchers at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland said that when fructose is consumed in excessive amounts as part of a high calorie diet, can contribute to development of metabolic syndrome. Potassium is easily found in avocados, chard, mushrooms and kale, vitamin C in raw broccoli, bell peppers and tomatoes, and antioxidants are abundant in all vegetables, but especially the green and leafy variety. I will now cut right back on fruit and hopefully that will make a difference to both his weight and bowel problems. Desperation, Pamela 3602232333. And we ate candy while we drove around. I thought this was fine but after reading this I know it isn’t. Wow. Most people don’t know that produce accounts for 42% of all food poisoning cases. I’ve been taking supplements since then. I decided to go ‘low carb’ about 6 weeks ago. The 5 points would be: 1. Let’s not forget, the type of fruit you eat together is just as important as anything. I don’t understand why in craving it so badly. I ended up having to stand outside of the train loo for the last hour of the journey, feeling bloated, sick, hot, cold and really quite unwell. After about a week, my stomach had a bloating sensation. I have switched to a bland diet recently and I noticed that I’ve eatin alot of fruit! I explained I was craving necturines he said you don’t need the Vit Suppl. Then I’d have my mains and another bit of fruit for dessert. It’s horrible to have that at night, so I looked this up here – and you explained, very well, thank you, what I’ve been doing wrong! I realize the more I eat the more I want until I became full. HI, I actually just started a whole foods diet and have been using fruit as a crutch the past 2 days to help me with my hunger and cravings between meals. But as I said, I’m still paranoid that i may be contributing to high blood sugar levels, any suggestions? and if is true why is not advisible, what is the happening when i have 2 or more fruits of the same kind in a day. Thankyou. Lily, thanks for an informative article. I feel very bloated and cannot loose weight as you suggested in you write up, thank you for writing the facts I am now going to cut them out or reduce to just 2 a day. Good look to everyone and their goals.O & my potassium is always low. I am in my mid-50s, athletic, thin, vegequarian (vegetarian plus a little bit of fish). I could not figure out for the life of me why I’m bloated all day every single day! But I do struggle to keep my weight down to 75kg. I had way more energy and my digestion got back on track surprisingly quickly. None of the health-websites or blogs suggested it is bad to eat too many apricots. Feel very bloated and agitated afterwards so now i know why, thank you for this insight and please know that i try to be very healthy with my food choices, i used to weigh 243 pounds and now i am 123 pounds and have kept it off with diet and exercise for 10 years but in the last year have become addicted to fruit but have severe bloating so any advice would be appreciated, i am 41 years old and female if this means anything. I just recently started making smoothies. I am 64. I have four servings a day. Fruit is a classic trigger for bloating and here’s why. I am now sat here with the most wicked stomach cramps I have ever had.

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