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where is grenada

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Kick 'em Jenny is an active submarine volcano about five miles north of the island of Grenada, and on the island itself is a … The coastline is 121 km long. Offer: $1,000 Air Credit on 7-paid nights or longer; Most of people think about where to go in holiday. Grenada is situated to the northeast of Venezuela; to the northwest of Trinidad and Tobago; and to the southwest of Saint Vincent and Grenadines. Populated by the Caribbean before the arrival of Europeans, Grenada is first a colony of the Kingdom of France from 1649 to 1763. Grenada is the Spice Island of the Caribbean. Covering a total area of only 344 sq. Citiesandplaces.com is a project started at 2017 to share articles about countries, cities, places. Done. Grenada is an island country located between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago. The population was 14,879 at the 2000 census. Select Check-Out Date: Up to $1,000 Instant Air Credit. Activities and Things to Do on Grenada This page was last updated on November 11, 2020, All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2021 worldatlas.com, The Least Populated Countries In The World, The Countries Least Affected By Tuberculosis. Discover Pure Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean! The islands of the country of Grenada are all volcanic in origin and vary in elevation from 300m (984ft), to over 600m (1,968 ft). It is the administrative center of the country and is a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. Morne Rouge. Where is Grenada (country) located? Where To Go And What To Do In Haute Corse. The islands are of volcanic origin and are oval in shape, having a highly mountainous terrain. Grenada is located 109 km south-southwest of Saint Vincent Island (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), 132 km northwest of the island of Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago). In 2004, Hurricane Ivan caused extensive damage in the country. It lies just northeast of Trinidad and Tobago, and southwest of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Either ways I have you covered so read on. Grenada is divided into 6 parishes and 1 dependency. Grenada is nicknamed “Island of Spice” for its cinnamon, cloves, turmeric and especially mace and nutmeg. Grenada is located 109 km south-southwest of Saint Vincent Island (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), 132 km northwest of the island of Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago). The National Museum and Gardens are also worth a visit. In alphabetical order, the parishes are: Saint Andrew, Saint David, Saint George, Saint John, Saint Mark and Saint Patrick. Grenada has been a member of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) since 14 December 2014. Where To Go In France? Grenada County was formed by an act of the Legislature on May 9, 1879 from lands taken from Carroll, Choctaw, Tallahatchie, and Yalobusha Counties. Georgian-style architecture, colorful houses, and the impressive Fort George pepper the capital city of St. George. Surfing, swimming – possible in natural pools and lakes -, scuba diving and snorkeling are among the water sports that are practiced in Grenada. Grenada is a proud little nation, and en route to James' home town of Gouyave notice how many kerbs, walls and telegraph poles are painted in the red, gold and green colours of the national flag. It … And then there are the other Facts about Grenada that you can’t live without or should I say vacation without. Let me tell you about medieval villages, beautiful surfing spots, sublime beaches on. It is positioned both in the Northern and Western hemispheres of the Earth. Grenada is one of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. With immensely rich soil and a year-round tropical climate, the Spice Island has a variety of … Grenada (grin-A-dah) is a census-designated place (CDP) in Siskiyou County, California, United States. Copyright © 2018-2020 Cities And Places. Where Is Oman Located? Carriacou and Petite Martinique have the status of a dependency. The fact that most people don’t realize that there are in fact three islands in the nation of Grenada is a fitting introduction to Carriacou (carry-a-cou).You won’t find cruise ships, big resorts or souvenir shops – this is Caribbean life the way it was 50 years ago: quiet, friendly and relaxed. We are also only 3 hours flight time southeast of Miami Florida. Fifteen minutes from the city is the tropical wonderland of Annandale Falls, with cascades that reach nearly 30 feet high. St. George is the capital of Grenada. Map of Grenada Islands…. Grenada is located in the eastern Caribbean, southwest of neighboring Barbados. Where Is Tajikistan Located On The World Map? NEW Simple Wishes All Day Sling Bra for Nursing and Pumping. Tobago) and 139 km from Punta Mejillones on the northeast coast of Venezuela. Get up to $1,000 Instant Air Credit. Grenada has a population of about 100,000 and is 21 miles long and 12 miles wide. Grenada (the first “a” is a long vowel) is the most southerly of the Windward Islands, about 100 mi (161 km) from the Venezuelan coast. Grenada has natural resources which include spices, tropical fruit, and timber. It is a volcanic island traversed by a mountain range, the highest peak of which is Mount St. Catherine (2,756 ft; 840 m). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Its capital, St. George’s with colonial architecture, is one of the most beautiful and charming cities in the Caribbean. / Grenada Map– Grenada is an island country. Grenada is a country in the West Indies. The Yacht is also extremely popular as well as the boat rides in the traditional wooden schooners. Thank you for choosing Pure Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean as your next vacation destination. The colorful Saturday market is also a specialty of the island. Select Check-In Date: Done. km, Grenada is one of the smallest independent nations in the Western hemisphere; and is famously known as the ‘Island of Spice’. The Westerhall Estate and River Antoine rum distilleries, Annandale Falls, Leapers Hill, Sauteurs Falls and the Spice Garden are other tourist attractions. The above outline map represents Grenada, an island nation in the Caribbean Sea. Covering an area of 344 km2, this country has about 110,000 inhabitants (2012) and consists of the main island, Grenada, and some islands among the Grenadines, Carriacou, Petite Martinique and Round Island. Sandals Grenada Awards. The Grenada Chocolate Company was founded in 1999 by Mott Green (born David Friedman), Doug Browne and Edmond Brown who had the idea of creating an Organic Cocoa Farmers’ and Chocolate-Makers’ Cooperative. Grenada and its two neighbors, Carriacou & Petite Martinique, have beaches of soft white sand like silk, wild forests with wild beauty, green hills and spectacular waterfalls. Tropical forests, gorges and the unique beauty of dormant volcanoes form the fascinating landscape of Grenada, which also has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Grenada: Continent : North America: Where is Located: Grenada is a country located in the Lesser Antilles, Caribbean: Coordinates : 12.2826° N, 61.7170° W: Capital : Saint George's: Largest City : Saint George's: Neighboring Countries: None: Administrative divisions: 6 parishes and 1 dependency: Area : 344 sq km (132.8 sq miles) Population: 109,011 (July 2012 est.) Located on a horseshoe-shaped harbour is St. George’s – the capital and the largest city of Grenada. There were 110,694 Grenadians in 2015. Must See Destinations In France, 11 Great Destinations For A Sunny Holiday. Grenada - Grenada - Transportation: Bus service is available between the larger towns and villages. Learn More. Grenada is a small island country found in the Caribbean Sea. It is volcanic in origin and its topography is mountainous. As observed on the map, the island of Grenada itself is more mountainous than the others and are covered by dense forest. Grenada Vacations & Honeymoons. Known as the Spice Isle, Grenada is home to several fragrant nutmeg plantations. The population was 367 at the 2010 census, up from 351 at the 2000 census. T his Grenada Facts section is where you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Grenada. Citiesandplaces.com is a website share what you search on the internet about travelling. Grenada is an island nation located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, occupying the southernmost part of the Grenadines chain of islands. Famed as the home of spices like nutmeg, the islands of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique invite culinary exploration—from tasting tours of three award-winning rum distilleries to sampling exquisite organic chocolate at five chocolate factories. The official language is English. Constitutional monarchy. Grenada is a country in the West Indies. Mount St. Catherine is the highest point with 840 m. Its coastline is 121 km long. Famed for its aromatic spices and organic chocolate, the tri-island destination of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique is located in the eastern Caribbean just south of Barbados. The above blank map represents Grenada, an island nation located in the Caribbean Sea. Some of the island’s historical attractions are Fort Frederick, Fort George, Old Georgian Buildings and Yellow Poui Art Gallery. Tobago) and 139 km from Punta Mejillones on the northeast coast of Venezuela. Reconquered by France during the American Revolution, it becomes British again thanks to the Treaty of Versailles of 1783. Grenada is an island nation located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, occupying the southernmost part of the Grenadines chain of islands. It's a fabulous place to explore on foot, from handsome old buildings to the Carenage harbor. It is the county seat of Grenada County. Waterfalls are scattered across the upper-reaches of Grenada, as well as a few boiling springs; the River Sallee boiling springs is the most significant. Including the deserted islands, the country has an area of ​​350 km2. We hope the below step-by-step guide, including links to official sources of information, helps you plan, book and safely enjoy your escape to paradise here in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. See 6 Experiences. The lake is over 1700ft above sea level, and is surrounded with some of the island's most beautiful rainforest. The island is drained by many small rivers flowing to the sea, all cutting deeply into the slopes. An airport on Carriacou also provides flights to nearby islands. It is positioned both in the Northern and Western hemispheres of the Earth. Following the Seven Years’ War, it is bequeathed to the Kingdom of Great Britain by the Treaty from Paris. Only 125 miles north of Venezuela it enjoys year-round tropical sunshine. Required fields are marked *. Pearls Airport—providing service to nearby islands with connecting flights to Venezuela—is located on the northeastern coast. Grenada is a city in Grenada County, Mississippi, United States. This island State of the Caribbean Sea includes the island of Grenada, Round Island, Carriacou Island and the island of Petite Martinique, all located in the southern part of the Grenadine Archipelago. The country of Grenada is mostly contained on the island of Granada, though several smaller islands lie to the north. Grenada - Grenada - Independence: In the general election of August 1967, the Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) defeated the Grenada National Party (GNP) and took office under the premiership of Eric M. Gairy, a trade unionist. It is located at 12°07′N 61°40′W / 12.117°N 61.667°W / 12.117; -61.667. Grenada is made up of the main island and six smaller islands and is home to over 100,000 people. km (134.6 sq mi), the country of Grenada consists of the main island of Grenada, the larger islands of Carriacou and Petit Martinique, and some 600 small islets, mostly uninhabited. Grenada is a group of three larger islands (Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique) and several tiny islands in the Caribbean, or West Indies. Grenada is located 200 km north of Venezuela. The ZIP code is 96038 and the area code 530. The relaxed atmosphere of Grenada and even more Carriacou and Petit Martinique will encourage you to relax and idleness. Ginger. Grenada Natural Hazards: Grenada has hurricanes, particularly from June to November. Overview Having gained independence from Britain on 7 February 1974, Grenada known as the ‘Spice Isle, is a parliamentary representative democracy, with the Prime Minister as head of Government.The country, home to 112,523 people, is a sovereign state located in the Caribbean Sea, consisting of Grenada, Carriacou, Petite Martinique and several smaller, uninhabited islands. Booking window: Now - Feb. 28, 2017. Its land rises from a narrow, coastal plain into areas of dormant volcanic ridges and valleys. The Grenada Island is a little northeast of Venezuela Very near to the South American mainland. Grenada, known as Spice Island, has huge cocoa and spice plantations with intoxicating scents that provide the world with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, ginger and vanilla. The culture of this tri-island state nation features a distinctive blend of British and French influences along with those of its neighboring Caribbean islands. Here is the answer and more…, Visit France … Do you have doubts? An international airport at Point Salines was inaugurated in 1984. Grenada is a small island, and the areas outside of St. George's are also worth exploring. Where Is Oman Situated? "Grenada resulted to be a hidden jewel to me, most amazing Grand Anse Beach which has cozy restaurants and bars that makes the beach vibrant with fun and people to meet." For travel now - Dec. 26, 2018. It is located in the Caribbean and consists of 6 small islands in the south, including Grenada island. Mount St. Catherine is the highest point rising to 840 m (2,760 ft). Grenada is a country in the West Indies. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The island has 15 constituencies and speaks English and Grenadian Creole. And for the more precise we are roughly 12 degrees north, 61 degrees west. Its capital is Saint-Georges. Some of these facts about Grenada are trivial … just little things that you might want to know for knowing sake. Covering a total area of only 348.5 sq. Where Is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Located? A few of the mountains contain crater basins, and one includes a large crater lake named Grand Etang. The island of Carriacou is a few kilometers south of the Union Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. A place of exotic nutmeg and rum aromatics, steaming tropical forests, shimmering waterfalls and idyllic tropical beaches. 184 reviews #19 of 126 Outdoor Activities in Grenada It also enjoys a steady stream of visitors thanks to regular International flights from Miami, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, and the Caribbean. The above map can be downloaded, printed and used for educational purposes like map-pointing activities and coloring etc. Your email address will not be published. There are no large inland bodies of water on the island, which consists entirely of the state of Grenada. During the last five reported years the exports of Grenada have changed by … The capital of Grenada is St. George’s, and also serves as the largest city in the country. Grenada is the most southerly of the Windward islands in the Caribbean, and is a tiny point on most world maps with an area of only 133 square miles. St George’s is one of the most picturesque towns in the Caribbean. Government . Grenada becomes the Popular Revolutionary Government of Grenada, a communist state, from 1979 until the 1983 US invasion. All rights reserved. Grenada became an independent nation on February 7, 1974. Grenada is not the most developed island at the tourist level but that’s what makes it so charming. The country reaches its independence from the United Kingdom on February 7, 1974. Your email address will not be published. Where is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines located? The island of Grenada is located less than 150 kilometers north of the coast of Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. In 2018, Grenada exported a total of $36.5M, making it the number 200 exporter in the world.

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