Any questions contact:
802-847-2194 8:00AM-4:00PM

Welcome to NESCRS!

Healthcare EnvironmentWe are happy that you have taken a moment to visit our website. On it you will find the highlights of our past annual meetings as well as information regarding the upcoming meeting. You will also learn about the mission and values of our Society and how to join if you so choose.

In the healthcare environment of today there is ever increasing pressure to achieve quality metrics and productivity targets with decreasing time for teaching, education, or simply reflection. Through its annual meeting and active e-mail network our Society provides an opportunity to create or maintain professional and personal relationships in an atmosphere of scholarship, fellowship and inquiry. The meeting itself is a wonderful opportunity to just “take a break”.

We welcome anyone with an interest in colon and rectal surgery to join us.

Please contact our Society’s coordinator at:

Tina L. Blais-Armell
UVM Medical Center
111 Colchester Avenue-Mailstop 320FL4
Burlington, VT 05401

Phone: (802)-847-2194
Email: tina.blais-armell@uvmhealth.org